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An international symposium on al-Shafii Denomination will be organized by Foundation of Oriental Research and Association of Oriental Research and Journal of Oriental Scientific Research (JOSR).


The Importance and The Aim of The Symposium

Ebu Abdillah Muhammad b. İdris As-Shafii (150-204 / 767-820) is one of the most important personalities of the History of Islamic Thought and he influenced Islamic sciences, especially Fiqh, Usul-i Fiqh, Hadith and Tafsir profoundly. The Shafii Denomination that he founded has a large number of followers in the different parts of Islamic world and especially in the Southeast and Eastern Anatolia of our country, too. Accordingly, the effect of this denomination has not been restricted with religious/scholarly level and it has shown itself in the formation of manners and customs of the Islamic societies seriously.


The understanding of Imam al-Shafii who was one of the first founders of Islamic thought and his much contrubition in the formation of it, is vital in order to properly perceive the Islamic thought. International Imam Shafii Symposium was the first in our country which we carried out in 2010 and in this symposium, Shafii’s scientific personality and his effect were discussed in a multi-faced way. In the International Symposium On Alshafii Denomination, we aim to discuss the historical development of the denomination, its geographical spread, famous figures of the denomination, important schools in the denomination, the literature of denomination and its influence in the formation of customs of Islamic societies, scientifically.



The possible topics to be discussed in the symposium are as follows;


1.Institution of Shafii Denomination

2.Famous figures of Shafii Denomination

3.The Schools emerging in Shafii Denomination (Iraqiyyûn and Horasaniyyûn)

4.Furû and Usûl literatures of Shafii Denomination

5.Methodology of fiqh of Shafii Denomination

6.The way of Interpreting of the nass (texts) in Shafii Denomination (literal approach, finalism approach)

7.Tanqih (elimination) activities in the Shafii Denomination and Mutaahhir (following) sholars’ objections for the preferences to scholars (Rafiî and Nevevî) making tanqih

8. Acquisition of the maqasid al-shari’an in Shafii Denomination

9.Shafii’s unacceptable or revised views in the Shafii denomination

10.  Relation between Shafi'ism and Ash'arism

11.Past and present geography of Shafii denomination

12.Propagation of Shafii Denomination in our region

13.The contributions of Shafii scholars to the Islamic sciences (Qelam, Tafsir, Hadith, etc.)

14.Shafiism in the formation of cultural and socio-political structures of Muslim Communities

15. Studies on Shafii Denomination today


-Sempozyum Language: Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic, English

-The fees of travel will be covered by  participants but the fees of accommodation will be covered by organizing corporations.

- Aplication form below  shuld be fulled and send to



Symposium timetable


Deadline for submitting paper abstracts

15 May 2018

 Date of releasing choosen papers

15 June 2018

Deadline for submitting Paper

30 September 2018

Symposium Date

19-21 October 2018

Organizing Committee




 Doç.  Dr. Mehmet Bilen





Prof. Dr. Ahmet ERKOL

Prof. Dr. H. Musa BAĞCI

Prof. Dr. M. Edip ÇAĞMAR

Prof. Dr. M. Refik KORKUSUZ

Prof. Dr. Ayman Shihadah (İngiltere)

Dr. Hadi Rezwan (İran)

Prof. Dr. Muhammed Şükri Zawitî (Irak)

Prof. Dr. George Grigore (Romanya)

Prof. Dr. Abdallah Ibrahim Alkilani (Ürdün)

Doç. Dr. İbrahim ÖZDEMİR

Dr. İhsan AKAY

Dr. Saadet ALTAY


Dr. Bayram KANARYA




Arş. Gör. Usame BOZKURT

Arş. Gör. H. Rumeysa KÜÇÜKÖNER


Scientific Consultant Committee

Prof. Dr. Abdulkerim ÜNALAN

Prof. Dr. Abdurrahman ACAR

Prof. Dr. Abdulcelil BİLGİN

Prof. Dr. Abdallah ALDERSHAWI(Suudi Arabistan)

Prof. Dr. Abdallah Ibrahim Alkilani (Ürdün)

Prof. Dr. Ahmet ERKOL

Prof. Dr. Ayman Shihadah (İngiltere)

Prof. Dr. Bilal AYBAKAN

Prof. Dr. Cemalettin ERDEMCİ

Prof. Dr. M. Edip ÇAĞMAR

Prof. Dr. Enbiya YILDIRIM

Prof. Dr. Ferset MEREI (Irak)

Prof. Dr. George Grigore (Romanya)

Prof. Dr. H. Musa BAĞCI

Prof. Dr. Hüseyin HANSU

Prof. Dr. İbrahim COŞKUN

Prof. Dr. İhsan Süreyya SIRMA

Prof. Dr. İsmail ÇALIŞKAN

Prof. Dr. M. Hayri KIRBAŞOĞLU

Prof. Dr. M. Refik KORKUSUZ

Prof. Dr. Metin BOZAN

Prof. Dr. Metin ÖZDEMİR

Prof. Dr. Muhammed Şükri Zawitî (Irak)

Prof. Dr. Sahip BEROJE

Doç. Dr. Abdulnasır SÜT

Doç. Dr. Abdurrahim ALKIŞ

Doç. Dr. Abdurrahman ADAK

Doç. Dr. Akif AKTO

Doç. Dr. Aydın TAŞ

Doç. Dr. Mehmet DİNÇOĞLU

Doç. Dr. Metin YİĞİT

Doç. Dr. Hayrettin KIZIL

Doç. Dr. Hayrullah ACAR

Doç. Dr. İbrahim BOR

Doç. Dr. İbrahim ÖZDEMİR

Doç. Dr. Mustafa ÖNCÜ

Doç. Dr. Davut IŞIKDOĞAN

Dr. Abdullah TEMİZKAN

Dr. Adnan ÇETİN

Dr. Bayram KANARYA

Dr. Davut EŞİT

Dr. Ercan GÜMÜŞ


Dr. İhsan AKAY

Dr. Mahmoud NAASSAN



Dr. Mesut BAYAR

Dr. Muharrem TUNÇ

Dr. Nazife GÜRHAN

Dr. Nurullah AGİTOĞLU


Dr. Saadet ALTAY

Dr. Veysel GÜRHAN

Dr. Yusuf EŞİT

Dr. Hadi Rezwan (İran)



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